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Is CrowdVote.IO a political party?

Hell no. We are a database of ideas. We are void of the corruption and greed you often find in politics that influence policy.

Why is it more efficient to vote for ideas rather than politicians?

In the two-party system in the United States, we provide a binary option to incredibly complex issues. For example, if the Republican party has four good ideas and the Democratic party has five good ideas. I don't want to be stuck with five good ideas. I want all nine ideas.

What makes a good politician?

We believe a good politician has two characteristics:
1. High moral values
2. Good ideas.

CrowdVote.IO takes care of number 2. We have the best ideas. Why? They come from you. All of you;

What political party do you have to be associated with to get a CrowdVote.IO endorsement?

We will endorse a candidate from any political party. To earn our endorsement, we require the following:
1. The candidate prioritizes the Top Ten Ideas over their political party. In addition, they commit to doing everything they can to advocate and promote the ideas.
2. The candidate commits to keeping high moral standards.

What is CrowdVote.IO's objective?

To make government work better for everyone.

Will all submissions of ideas be accepted?

No.  CrowdVote.IO reserves the right to reject any submission. CrowdVote.IO will provide a reason for rejection. Guidelines we use:

  1. We expect the financing of ideas to be specified. Deficits are not good policies unless the country is in a recession or depression.

  2.  CrowdVote.IO will not list ideas that legislate morality. Universal moral beliefs would be the exception. 

  3. We believe in equality for everyone.

Will all users be accepted?

No. Crowdvote.IO reserves the right to reject any user. Possible reasons for rejection:

  1. The user does not reside in the United States and is not a citizen living abroad.

  2. Fraudulent user information provided

  3. Duplicate accounts

Can you vote more than once?

You can only vote for an idea once.  You can vote for as many different ideas as you wish.

Why are there two different logins for Ideas and the forum?

They are two different web applications that do not communicate with each other. For simplicity, you may want to use the same username and password for both.

What can you do to help CrowdVote.IO?

  1. Share the site with others on social media.

  2. Run for political office.

  3. Support candidates CrowdVote.IO has endorsed.

  4. Donate

Why does CrowdVote.IO collect the user information it does?

We collect enough information to verify the user is a resident of the United States but avoid collecting any unnecessary personal information. We want to respect their privacy.

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